Holiday Oscars Love Machine Product Art 3
Touched-by-HO-T-ShirtHoliday Oscars Love Machine Product Art 3

Personalised Custom Written Song, Handwritten Lyric Sheet and T-Shirt


A custom written song for your sweetheart! Written and recorded in Holiday Oscar's home studio. Simply submit details of your Valentine's personality traits, habits, interests and features using the form provided after purchase. Got a funny story about your first date?! Holiday Oscar can turn that into a song too! Receive lyrics handwritten by Holiday Oscar on proper fancy A4 paper. Get the exclusive 'I was touched by Holiday Oscar's Love Machine' T-Shirt!

*Song is delivered in MP3 format
*No changes or amendments can be made to song
*Song structures and lengths may very
*Not big on Valentines? Save it for a Birthday gift, or even wait until Christmas.